. Dynamometer


The dynamometer has been designed and manufactured by MQ-Tech, to carry out all the tests on the Honda FMX 650 necessary to achieve our goal.







Test results:
CDI                  EXHAUST                 CV
Original ------------ Original ------------- 37.6
Original ------------- Arrow -------------- 40,4
MQ-Tech ---------- Original ------------- 43,7
MQ-Tech ----------- Arrow -------------- 46,6

Note: These values are averages obtained from several tests of these combinations.

. Stroboscopic discs


These discs are used to control the advance curve of the CDI in real time using a stroboscopic light.

We have a wide range of these discs for Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, KTM, Polaris, etc.




. Power curves


The dyno provides a graphical readout of power and torque across the rev range, from starting to the cut-out point.

In test No. 0.71 the Honda FMX produced 46.4 CV with an MQ-Tech CDI and an Arrow exhaust.