. Source CDI - FMX


Our MQ-Tech company has decided to develop and manufacture a CDI unit, given the general opinion of Honda FMX 650 owners of its low power output (38CV).

After intense and exhausting work, and many dyno tests, we have achieved over 46CV without any mechanical alterations and thus giving a more sporting character to the Honda FMX. With this MQ-Tech unit we have managed to significantly raise power output compared with the results obtained with other components such as exhausts, cams, etc...

. What is a CDI ?


It is an electronic unit that controls the spark advance, ignition spark and spark cut-out among other things. Adjusting these parameters in a motor can notably change its behaviour by increasing or decreasing power output.

In many cases electronic units (CDI, ECU, etc) are able to reduce the power, for example in power restriction kits for learners.